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Corporate culture is the soul of the company and an inexhaustible driving force for the company's development. Since its inception, our company has gradually formed its own unique corporate culture, including company system, company image, cultural ceremony and team awareness. The company currently implements a performance appraisal system and company rules and regulations, strictly requires every employee, fulfills their duties, and rewards employees who perform well. We have a group of professional, young and high-quality work teams. The company has four departments: the administrative department, the finance department, the business department, and the research and development department. Each department communicates and cooperates with each other to strengthen the team's teamwork ability and improve the company's product quality. The company tailored the winter and summer uniforms for each employee, and unified the dressing requirements, making the company's image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The company pays attention to the physical and mental qualities of each employee. Each month, a corporate expert teacher is invited to teach the company's employees. The course content includes communication skills, etiquette and culture, and rewards employees who perform well on the course. Reading 15 minutes in the morning and exercising for half an hour every day is our company's unique culture. Its main purpose is to strengthen the physical fitness of employees, enrich cultural culture and raise team awareness. The company's employees are committed to research and development projects, jointly applying for project research and development, and won a variety of awards.




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